Festival showcases the importance of arts in childrens lives


An impressive festival planned by TakePART brings music and art to children for their education. Facilitated by P.S. ARTS, they provide art programs to Title I public schools so their students can have more opportunities.

 All schools should be great schools

Arts for LA writes about low-income schools that can’t afford renovations, but they are working toward changing their communities.

P.S. ARTS gets support from five school districts and the Herb Alpert Foundation to promote art in the classes

Five school districts, the Herb Alpert Foundation, and P.S. ARTS bring arts education to classrooms. As leadership grows, students’ talents grows as well.

The TakePART in Art Festival: Cultivating Community

Teachers began to spread arts and resources in four districts since 2010. Plans started, teachers,staff and arts organizations helped, and a major anonymous donor made this a success.

TakePART – Visual Arts receives $250,000
over two years from W.M. Keck Foundation


An Initiative enriches a child’s success through a collaborative resource.

The 2012 TakePART Arts Festival


A festival was created to promote arts in the community. Volunteers, Donors, and Sponsors made this a success.

The Herb Alpert Foundation supports Dream A World Education, Inc. expansion


A non-profit Education that believes in providing art to children for a purpose.

Huff Post: Art Through the Ages: Intergenerational Programming Improves Community Life


The TakePART tradition improves community life throughout with art.



“Our hope in fostering collaboration across the regions to make a pipe line of arts experiences for children from kindergarten through 12th grade.”- Herb Alpert Foundation President Rona Sebastian.